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A razor for life A razor for life

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A new world needs a new razor

We live on the exciting precipice of the digital necessity— a world where our needs are delivered to us via the internet. We find ourselves gravitating less toward the overbearing middleman of the big box store. When our desires cannot be met locally, we turn to the internet to guide us toward product finality. Products that we order once, ship once, and keep for the rest of our lives. SABRE grounds itself in digital necessity, pledging to be the last best razor you will ever buy.

Our key values

What does SABRE strive for?


We were born, raised, and currently reside on the internet. You will never find SABRE in a big box and that’s a promise.


Our supply chain creates an ecosystem where packages are reusable, delivery is efficient, and everything recycles.


Buy it once, buy it forever. In an age of planned obsolescence, SABRE aims to be the longest iteration of its reclaimed steel.


We didn’t do all of this just because it was the right thing to do. We also want to pass the savings onto the humans that use SABRE.

Made for mail.

Our packaging was created with shipping in mind. Your SABRE ships straight to you without fear of damage or packaging excess.

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Blade box exchange.

Use the box that shipped SABRE to send used blades back to us. We would be happy to recycle them, or trade them for new blades as part of our Blade Exchange.

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Enduring Design.

Tradition, research, and innovation bring you the greatest razor on the market. All other features included on us.

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Choose a product plan that fits your needs.

  • Passerby
  • One SABRE Razor
  • 5 Double Edge Blades
  • One Razor Stand
  • Unlimited Blade Recycling
  • $ 25

    one time
  • Patron
  • One SABRE Razor
  • 25 Double Edge Blades
  • One Razor Stand
  • Unlimited Blade Exchange
  • $ 5

    per month
  • Purveyor
  • Two SABRE Razors
  • 50 Double Edge Blades
  • One Razor Stand
  • 25 Blades per month
  • $ 10

    per month