I was assigned a tack and my project was to make the tack represent a list of words assigned to us. I was interested in framing the tack with human anatomy, so I am the subject of these photos. Quick shout out to my father, Thomas Moe, who lent me his astounding camera to take these shots. Oh man, I have to get that camera back to him before he gets mad now that I think of it.


I proposed this photo at a different angle, and my classmates said it looked fake. I rotated it 95° and they said they loved the new photo.


This was a rough shoot because of the direct light in my eyes. I ended up editing out the tears.


Has science gone too far? Did my father’s camera capture too much detail in this shot?


I took 200 photos of this shot. The words “motion photography” bring flashbacks of flashbulbs.


A few of my classmates said that “snug” would be a better fit for this pic. I worry about these people.

I did the bulk of my photography on the evening of November 8th, so imagine me throwing tacks while listening to election returns.