Serial Box

Let’s be honest guys. E-reader apps are awful. They hurt our eyes, their designs are dated, and they lack the personality and captivation of a real book. Which is a shame because people seem to enjoy reading on their phones. My challenge in this Type project was to redesign the Serial Box mobile app without falling into the pitfalls mentioned above.

Serial box offers original literature released episodically as E-books and audio books. This idea of modern serialized fiction reminded me of the apocryphal tales of frenzied readers demanding updates on their favorite stories:

“When Charles Dickens finished the last installment of “The Old Curiosity Shop,” in 1841, his American fans were so desperate to find out the ending that they stormed the New York piers and shouted to incoming ships, “Is Little Nell alive?”

What if you could capture the excitement of the classic serial novel while solving the problem of E-reader fatigue?

In my project, I started with victorian typography, boiled it down to its minimal essence, and refined it with modern flat design standards. I felt the emphasis on centered headers, paragraph rules, and organic colors would lead readers to associate the experience of this app with reading something significant. Below are some highlights I created in Sketch.

Opening Page
Sign Up Page
Tile View
E-Book View

You can also try out my prototype I made in Framer. It takes you through the onboarding process and highlights the features of each screen.

I love the idea of using classic techniques in modern settings, so this project was a real joy. I also refined a few Sketch and Framer skills. All in all, this was a good one!

Click through the prototype below:

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